Square One Services - Staffing

• Permanent staffing for IT and ITES industry
• Contract staffing for IT and ITES industry.


We are completely process driven and ensure that we offer our clients the best candidates in the fastest Turn Around Time & at the best Conversions Ratios.
We first study your requirements, undertake extensive research which helps us to map out the relevant industry, identify potential job seekers, create interest about your company and finally recommend interested and suitable profiles to you through a set, pre-defined process. By tailoring our search to your unique needs we are able to shortlist the individual or team most capable of handling the challenges that lie ahead.

Our Employee Leasing

Outsourcing your HR administration to Square One consulting will certainly give you more time to concentrate on your core business and, at the same time, save you time, money and resources. As your single point of contact for all the activities, from joining formalities to claims.

With a multi-disciplinary selection of temporary staff comprising qualified accountants, attorneys and insurance experts, among others, we can help you choose a specialist or team at any level to suit your interim needs. Whether you require personnel for a short term, a specific project or to meet your seasonal staffing requirements trust us to match your expectations.

We provide the best staffing services that are required in the market. Our staff is full of well qualified people who provide solutions to client in the best possible way. The most important feature of our staffing services is that we carry out tasks by doing proper research and the team devote a lot of time in finding out the essentials, experience, proper details that are required for a profile.

Another important feature of our staffing services is that we maintain the privacy of our clients by not revealing the information and making their details confidential. Thus we ensure to provide everything and anything.

One of the primary factors which make GlobalHunt a unique and efficient staffing company is the emphasis that is being given on fact finding and research. Our team of dedicated professionals invests a great deal of their time to understand the exact requirements, desired experience, responsibilities, and expectations the position entails. This makes us a reliable and result-oriented staffing agency that aims towards offering the best staffing solutions to all its clients.

1. Profile Sourcing:
Our talented recruitment team source the profiles by head hunting, referrals, advertising in job portals and from internal database.

2. Profile Management:

We maintain tracker sheets with all information about the candidate, which acts as single point of information to meet our clients expectation and to follow up with candidates selected or proposed.

6. Post Offer:

We ensure the candidates are happy with the offer and also help them to join within the agreed timeframe. We will be in constant touch with the offered candidates to ensure joining our client as per their commitment.

3. Profiles Line-up Strategy:

With the help of large internal database and head hunting process our recruitment team lines-up profiles in a fast manner to meet clients demands. We maintain a good response time depending on the skill demand and seniority.

5. Interview and Follow-up:

We pre-screen the candidates for good communication, skill set matching, willingness to re-locate and set reasonable compensation expectation matching our clients requirements. We schedule the interview as per our clients and candidate convenience. We ensure candidate turn-up for the interview by confirming the interview schedule by SMS and by constant follow-up over phone. We will be in constant touch with the selected candidates.

4. Profiles Selection / Validation:

We select candidates from well known organizations matching our clients requirements. We select candidates with good company track record and educational background. We assess the candidates interest, aspirations, short term and long term plans before short listing the profiles. We select Quality profiles rather than Quantity.